changing travel arrangements... again.

2001-12-20���� 11:10 p.m.

I was up 'till 6am this morning working on the website I said I'd help out with.

That's done, and another project has come my way.

It's a lot of work, but I'm happy just to have something going on right now.

Off to Columbia in the morning. That oughta be cool, but wierd staying in the house of a family I don't know.

So once again I get screwed in regards to travel plans.

This time it involves the Chicago trip in January.

Leland and I planned on going since Spetember. Jon said he wanted to go, but just started school up again, so we decided to pick a weekend where Jon could get away.

I wait.

and wait.

and wait.

Come November, we still haven't taken our trip, but it is finally decided to wait until Jon is done with finals.

Only, we can't find Blackhawk's tickets around then.

So it gets put off to JAnuary and Leland finds a weekend we can get hockey tickets to.

But hockey tickets are non-refundable, so we MUST know exactly who is going. By this time Josh and Tito had expressed interest.

So Leland and I are commited, we get Jon and Tito commited, then we're waiting on Josh.

and waiting

and waiting

and waiting.

Finally Jon confirms Josh is going and we're all set. Leland orders the hockey tickets.

Only thing left is transportation. We look into rental cars, but it's too expensive with the extra fees for all of us being under 25.

So we decide to take one of Jon and Josh's Saturns, only it's not very big. Leland finds a cheap plane ticket and he and Tito decide to fly.

So we're all set to go, right?

Tonight we're hanging around watching Survivor and Josh curiously asks, "Now exactly which weekend is it?"

January 3,4,5,6, and 7.

Here it comes. Josh says, "That's when Jon and I go to Arizona to visit our grandparents."

There's no way I can afford a plane ticket right now, so I gotta borrow money from Leland yet again.

So now I'm into my parents for $200 and my aunt for $100, to get me home from Montana, and now Leland for $72 for a plane ticket.

Almost $400. in debt.

To be honest though, it would've been the same amount of money to drive or take a plane ticket. If I had to buy more than one tank of gas on the way, plus any meal we might eat, there's 30 bucks right there probably.

I just don't have the money now. I do have a paycheck coming next Thursday.

Not upset about it really. Just frustrated.

So broke, so broke. And I don't even get George Bush's tax credit.

I can't keep up this pace. Something's got to give.

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