g'nite world

2001-12-22���� 2:41 a.m.

Back from CoMO.

tired. We left a little earlier than I expected. It sucked to only visit for the day, but oh well I guess. I'll try to see them again at some point.

did i mention i was tired?

of course, it is almost 3am. by the time I shower...

Hmm... I could hide my coat and bag and fool mom and dad into thinking I'm still gone. How surprised would they be when I wake up bright and early at the stroke of 11 and come walking out of my room.

I don't want to go to bed without showering even though I'm really tempted too. I've gotta get that "bowling fresh" smeel off of me.

Plus, I've been taking showers in the am a lot this week and I'm tired of waking up feeling nasty.

But I don't want to wake myself up either.

but i'm so tired now, i dunno if that's possible.

i shouldn't say that.

okay, g'nite world.

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